Yes we offer tenant checks for the United States as well as Canada.

We offer tenant checks for all over Canada (including Quebec) and also the United States.

No, CheckEazey are provided on a best efforts basis. We do not guarantee that information on reports is accurate, we rely on the information contained in public directories and by the credit bureaus. Any disputes on information contained in a credit report should be directed to Equifax.

CheckEazey accepts no liability for bad tenants or their actions. CheckEazey does not make tenancy decisions we simply provide information which may help in making a decision.

Credit checks on steroids and reports you can trust, designed specifically for tenant screening. RentChecks use hundreds of thousands of sources to predict rental eviction risk 20% better than traditional credit scores, helping landlords make a more confident rental decision.

Screening tenants used to be just for large professional property management companies. Not anymore! CheckEazey changed that with our revolutionary tenant screening product, adding convenience, speed and accessibility to tenant background checks. CheckEazey is used by both large property managers and people renting a single unit.

Reports cost just CAD$24.99 for tenant check Canada.
Reports cost just USD$24.99 for tenant check USA.
For a limited time! No monthly fees, annual fees or hidden costs!

CheckEazey allows reports to be delivered to the landlord (or rental property owner, real estate agent or whoever is in charge of screening applicants) while protecting tenant information in a manner consistent with the PIPEDA, PIPA (BC/AB), Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable regulations.

An average tenant can complete their consent form in less than 3 minutes. Once submitted, reports are generated in less than 60 seconds. Fast!

No. A RenterCheck will not have an impact on an applicant’s credit score. However, there will be a note on their file that their credit has been checked.